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Twisted Wrench was born in autumn 2015 in Bologna.

We signed our manifesto in a garage, holding that wrench which became our symbol. A wrench twisted on itself, a full circle but incomplete: the beginning of an endless cycle but different every time, as the creation process behind our products.


Leave your mark.

The visceral and inexhaustible need to stand out, to change path and never be corrupted. Our style is written in everyday choices, molded in metal and engraved in the leather of our creations.


We’re evolved gears in the mechanical ecosystem. We move along with it without ever stopping but we own full throttle control. We move into the flow with any vehicle, agile and efficient enough to make us influential and, if it doesn’t exist yet, we create it.

Be passionate.

We do what we love and we love what we do. Everything we built is desired, designed and handcrafted; made to last and deeply branded to be instantly recognizable by those who share our thinking and lifestyle.